2006 Spring European Lecture Tour
by His Grace Sriman
Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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Simhacala Farm

Arrival Lecture--Simhacala 23 March 2006.MP3
SB  3.7.12 Simhacala 24 March 2006.MP3
BG 7.7 Simhacala 24 March 2006.MP3
SB 3.7.13 Simhacala 25 March 2006.MP3
SB 3.7.14 Simhacala 26 March 2006.MP3
BG 5.22 Simhacala 26 March 2006.MP3
SB 3.7.15 Simhacala 27 March 2006.MP3


Hari Krpa Initiation 1 April 2006 Hohenstein-part one.MP3
Hari Krpa Initiation 1 April 2006 Hohenstein--part two.MP3


SFL  BG 9.1 Cologne 2 April 2006.MP3
SB 6.1.26 Cologne 3 April 2006.MP3
BG 10.11 Cologne 3 April 2006.MP3
SB 6.1.27 Cologne April 4 2006.MP3
Home Program Excerpt-Bochum-4 April 2006.MP3
SB 6.1.28-29 Cologne 5 April 2006.MP3
BG 6.26 Cologne 5 April 2006.MP3




Arrival Lecture--Tartu--10 April 2006.MP3
Evening Lecture--Tartu--10 April 2006.MP3
SB 1.9.30--Tartu--11 April 2006.MP3
University of Tartu Lecture--11 April 2006.MP3
Questions-Answers--Tartu 11 April 2006.MP3
SB 1.2.16--Tartu--12 April 2006.MP3
Evening Darshan--Tartu--April 12 2006.MP3

SB 1.2.17 Tartu 13 April 2006.MP3


BG 3.21 Tallinn 15 April 2006.MP3
BG 7.2 SFL--Tallinn--16 April 2006.MP3
SB 4.20.18 Tallinn 16 April 2006.MP3
SB 4.20.19 Tallinn 17 April 2006.MP3



Public Auditorium Lecture Excerpt--Riga 17 April 2006.MP3
BG 7.19 Riga 17 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.1.17 Riga 18 April 2006.MP3
BG 9.10  Riga 18 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.1.18 Riga 19 April 2006.MP3
BG 9.13 Riga 19 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.1.19-33 Riga 20 April 2006.MP3
BG 2.44  Riga 20 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.1.34-39  Riga 21 April 2006.MP3
BG 3.27 Riga 21 April 2006.MP3
Lecture at New Psychology Center-Riga-21 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.1.40--Riga--22 April 2006.MP3
Home Program--Riga--22 April 2006.MP3
BG 4.11--Riga--22 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.1.41-42 Riga 23 April 2006.MP3
SFL--Riga--23 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.2.1-3  Riga 24 April 2006.MP3
Auditorium Program--Riga--24 April 2006.MP3
BG 8.15 Riga 24 Aprill 2006.MP3
SB 9.2.4-9--Riga--25 April 2006.MP3
High School Lecture--Riga--25 April 2006.MP3
Home Program--Riga--25 April 2006.MP3
BG 4.2--Riga--25 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.2.10-14--Riga--26 April 2006.MP3
Dzidra Home Program--Riga--26 April 2006.MP3
BG 3.30--Riga--26 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.2.15-17--Riga--27 April 2006.MP3



BG 8.15--Kaunas--27 April 2006.MP3
SB 3.32.29--Kaunas--28 April 2006.MP3
BG 9.2--Kaunas--28 April 2006.MP3
SB 1.2.16--Vilnius--29 April 2006.MP3



BG 6.34--Riga--29 April 2006.MP3
More Questions-Answers Riga 30 April 2006.MP3
Questions--Answers Riga 30 April 2006.MP3
SB 9.2.29-36  Riga--30 April 2006.MP3
SFL-BG 4.9--Riga--30 April 2006.MP3



SB 1.16.4  Sofia 2 May 2006.MP3
BG 2.41  Sofia 2 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.5  Sofia 3 May 2006.MP3
BG 9.22--Sofia--3 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.6 Sofia 4 May 2006.MP3
BG 9.27 Sofia 4 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.7 Sofia 5 May 2006.MP3
Sofia University Lecture--Sofia--5 May 2006.MP3

SB 1.16.8 Sofia 6 May 2006.MP3
Feast Lecture--BG 7.19 Sofia 6 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.9-Sofia-7 May 2006.MP3


SB 1.2.22--Plavdiv--8 May 2006.MP3
Public Lecture--Plavdiv--7 May 2006.MP3


BG 4.38--Aheloy--8 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.10--Aheloy--9 May 2006.MP3


Public Hall Lecture-Burgas--9 May 2006.MP3


SB 1.16.11--Aheloy--10 May 2006.MP3


BG 4.11--Lovech--10 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.12--Lovech--11 May 2006.MP3


BG 9.15--Sofia--11 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.13-15--Sofia--12 May 2006.MP3
Nrsimhadev's Appearance Day Lecture--Sofia--12 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.16--Sofia--13 May 2006.MP3
BG 18.63--Soifa--13 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.17--Sofia--14 May 2006.MP3
Festival Lecture--Sofia--14 May 2006.MP3
Indrasena Sings at Festival--Sofia--14 May 2006.MP3
BG 6.32--Sofia--14 May 2006.MP3
SB 1.16.19--Sofia--15 May 2006.MP3



SB 1.12.42 Amsterdam 16 May 2006.MP3

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